Wooden Houses, Kortena - About us

KORTENA packages are available in a variety of log profiles from Siberian timber. A log home celebrates the natural beauty of wood, nature's most perfect building material. Whether You are looking for that one-of-a-kind log home - we can assist you in producing what is right and unique to YOU!

We understand your need for honest, solid information so that You can make an astute choice in one of the most valuable investments of your life... your beautiful log home from KORTENA.

We know that if we help You become one of our satisfied homeowners who absolutely loves your KORTENA LOG HOME and the lifestyle it affords you, you'll tell your friends about us. And positive word-of-mouth advertising, as it was nearly more than 5 years ago when our brand of KORTENA was first introduced, is still our most precious asset.

As You page through our web site, take the time to search out what appeals to you. If You don't find exactly what You're looking for, call or email us and we will reply for you.

Whether it be a beautiful Expedition through KORTENA produced homes. Our goal is to make your "log dream" come true.

We are a company that has chosen some of the best things the industry has to offer - improved and combined them to offer You our log home experience. The combination is the best of Quality and Service at a Better Price!

Our in - house design team will help from the design stages all the way through completion of your home. We have combined this service - oriented system with some of the best quality building components the industry has to offer. Our packages include: Kiln Dried or Natural Logs, windows, doors, floor systems, etc. KORTENA is a quality - based company that strives to improve its quality every day.

We promise to give You the best quality materials You can afford along with the best service no matter what You can afford! On top of all this, we will give You a best price!

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